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With over 15 years of creative craftsmanship, I have excelled in Advertising & Marketing for all types of brands, industries, budgets & Media platforms (online & offline). There's no form of advertising that I didn't do.


I am extremely good with people. Seriously. Whether it's employees, colleagues, or clients - You can't get to where I am without having exceptional social skills. Now at McCann for example, I manage a team of 9 Creative experts & they all love me. 

Work Experience

McCann Tel Aviv

Creative Director: June 2018 – Present

Senior Copywriter: September 2017 – June 2018

Leading a creative team while delivering major campaigns for high-profile brands, on all platforms – online & offline.
Helping to increase sales and brand awareness for the launch of Fauda’s 2nd Season (On Netflix & yes),

Tornado, Hamashbir (Israel’s leading department store), Rami Levi supermarkets,

Loreal group, Honda motorcycles, Dan hotels & many more.

Avraham ADV. (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Creative Director: April 2012 – September 2017

Creative for BuyMe’s (Israel’s leading gift-card brand) acclaimed campaigns, starring Jeremy Piven & Adrian Garnier.

Travelist – One of Israel’s leading flight search engines. I was responsible for the brand’s launch campaign & sequel.

Mastering creative for the agency's automobile accounts: Audi, VW & Seat.

Zarmon Goldman DDB (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Senior Copywriter: June 2009 – April 2012.


BA in Media and Communications from the College of Management, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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